Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons - Sea Cels (Beach Blanket Playlist Volume 1)

I'm holidaying by the beach right now. In California. And seeing as I'm too hungover to educate and/or type, I've decided to keep things simple and just share with you my Saturday morning Beach Blanket Playlist Volume 1. Enjop! I mean, enjoy!


It's lifeguard Mickey Mouse to the rescue in 1929's 'Wild Waves'! Speaking of wild, was that Minnie Mouse's bra?

Mickey then goes off-duty for a change in 1931's 'The Beach Party'.

You can't spell 'beach' with out a "B"! And Donald encounters a real 'Bee At The Beach' in this 1950 Disney classic. Fun fact: Apparently the bee is named Spike!

Woody Woodpecker takes a walloping at the docks courtesy of Wally Walrus in 1944's 'The Beach Nut'. But to be fair, the disrespectful little "turkey" deserved it.

Now we join Mighty Mouse already in a mini-musical from 1950 called 'Beauty And The Beach'.

Popeye and Bluto find the beach just as nice a place as any to beat on each other, in 1955's 'Beaus Will Be Beaus'.

Popeye had problems with other louts hitting on his woma-ink as well, as seen in 1950's 'Beach Peach'.

Mr. Magoo, his servant, Charlie, and his dog cat spend 'A Day At The Beach' in this segment from the 1960's TV series. This version is unedited. Later versions of Mr. Magoo would feature a less...well, racist voice for Charlie.

The Pink Panther knocks the wind out of a muscle-head at Bicep Beach, in 1968's 'Come On In! The Water's Pink!'

And The Aardvark's holiday suddenly becomes the "dog" days of summer, as he sniffs through the sand for that pesky Ant again in 1969's 'Dune Bug'

We'll have more beach (Volume 2) next week, as I plan on staying drunk. Happy Shaturday! (hic)

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