Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoons - March Madness

Let's take a time out this morning to watch some basketball cartoons! On nothin' but 'Net!

First, as is customary with any sports-themed feature, a quick primer on the game is provided by animation's premier athlete, Goofy - with more sports-on-steroids hyperactivity from regular Disney coach Jack Hannah, in 1946's 'Double Dribble'. Lots of fouls in this game.

Lots of fowl in this game.

Lots of foul...language, in this episode of The Boondocks called 'Ballin'.

Here's a slightly-racist (and sexist) 1974 short called 'Basketball Jones', which was a cartoon released in select theatres in front of the Jack Nicholson film, The Last Stand. The song is by Cheech and Chong. You can see them in animated form at the 3:16 mark. You can also see The Beatles at the 3:39 mark. This is kind of an in-joke, as George Harrison actually plays guitar on the song.

Despite what you may think, Ralph Bakshi is not responsible for this clip. A guy named Paul Gruwell is. 

Not sure who plays guitar in Basketball Cats, but he is awe-soooome!

Speaking of Animation Domination, I told you a couple of weeks ago to watch Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Why didn't you listen to me? Well, now's your chance to be a team player again, by clicking the below pic to watch 'Big Head Mike'.

Pretty sure I shouldn't be including anything relating to Harlem Globetrotters in a post about basketball. But figured I've already made a mockery out of the game, so...

Similar to their actual "games", Harlem Globetrotters were always winners on Saturday mornings. Their original Hanna-Barbera series ran from 1970-1972 on CBS, and then re-aired on NBC in a new program called The Go-Go Globetrotters. They also appeared in 3 episodes of The New Scooby Doo Movies.

By 1979 they started to wear out their welcome, once a magical set of lockers turned them into...

How do these shows even get green-lit? If that doesn't put the madness into March (or any month, for that matter) then I don't know what does. 


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