Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons - I Mean, Saturday MO'ning Cartoons

I was seeking moustache inspiration this Movember, so I turned to animation (aniMOtion? nah, that's not gonna work!) and can now officially rank my Top 10 List Of The MO-st Awesome Cartoon Character Moustaches Ever In The History Of Pop Culture. You're welcome, everyone!

In order of preference, this list of lip luggage includes...

10) Snidley Whiplash

A villainous creation of Rocky and Bullwinkle's Jay Ward, Snidley Whiplash, arch enemy of Dudley Do-Right, rocks a killer curl! I'm pretty sure that all evil tendencies start with basic moustache twiddling. Then next thing you know, you're tying a helpless damsel to a set of railroad tracks. 

9) Dick Dastardly

While stealing Snidley's trademark curl twirl, Dick Dastardly from Hanna Barbera's Wacky Races is different in that any confidence he gained from that lip whip, was cancelled out every time his dog, Muttley, laughed at him. Before long, his ambitions dashed, he was relegated to bird catching in 1969.

8) Chief Quimby

This confident pose and the cool caterpillar making it happen would also be compromised by inconsiderate and incompetent co-workers - in this case, Inspector Gadget, who would repeatedly blast the bristles right off his boss's face.

Speaking of caterpillars, here's the original pilot episode of Inspector Gadget, featuring a character design choice that had not yet been altered late in the show's development, even in the theme song!

7) Carl Brutananadilewski     

The long suffering neighbour of Aqua Teen Hunger Force has little in life, except for his nose neighbour. But they even took that away from him once, which was profoundly disturbing to me.

6) Big Gay Al

It takes a very confident man to pull off a pencil topper like that. But Big Gay Al owns it. I believe it's what gives this talented South Park resident his power of super-positivity. (thanks for asking)

5) The Little Man

This foil to the Pink Panther is another very confident man, as evidenced by his complete lack of clothing. A lip rug is sometimes all the coverage you need!

The Little Man is rumoured to be a caricature of his diminutive and equally moustachioed co-creator, Friz Freleng. In addition to size, Freleng was also rumoured to be short on temper, which helped to inspire another caricature found below in the #1 spot.

4) The Inspector

A common companion to the Pink Panther in cartoon packaging, The Inspector (Clouseau) sported a thin thtrip strip above his lip, patchier than that of his live action inspiration played by Peter Sellers.

In relation to today's theme, the above version of The Inspector is an imposter and unworthy of this list. But The Inspector as depicted at the start of some of the Pink Panther feature films (featuring animation by Richard Williams) - now THAT'S a French tickler!

3) Wally Walrus

He had a pretty swede sweet 'stache! Mind you, that's unfairly easy for a walrus.

Wally would sport different whiskers over the years, each style more hideous than the last. 

2) Ned Flanders

This particular push-broom ranks higher on the list, solely because of the man's commitment to it. Every month is Movember for Ned Flanders. He combs it, owns it, and speaks of that soup strainer with great pride. And if it weren't attached to the man it was, I think even Homer Simpson would agree that it was a pretty well-formed and majestic mouth brow.

1) Yosemite Sam

A pretty obvious first choice, I know. But how can you not acknowledge this moustache's quality? Those dirt-foxes comprise about 40% of Yosemite's entire person. And it kinda flows up and seamlessly connects to his equally unruly eyebrows. It's bad-ass and he knows it. And it sometimes has a life of its own. 

This is the flavour-saver I will attempt to grow this month. And I too will high-five it when I do, many, many (and I mean, many) years from now.

By the way, as wacky and awesome as it is to grow a moustache this Movember, the point is to also raise money and awareness for men's health issues. I would like to help combat prostate cancer, which has a history in my family. So if you like what you've read, and would consider supporting my facial follicles and the cause surrounding it, please visit Thanks for your support and for hanging out with me this MO'ning!

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