Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons - Procrastimation

I had several good ideas for a blog post this morning. But too many distractions resulted in a lack of prep time. It's hard to explain, but sometimes it's just not in you.

Your mind is a sponge, but sometimes it dries out. And you can't get a lot of stuff done.

You search for a theme, and suddenly that theme becomes your inability to find a theme.

You wait for inspiration...and nothing.

You want to get started, but your friend Norbert is throwing a wicked awesome party.

How does this even happen? Is it a case of writer's block?

Or is it just that you're too damn lazy to think?

Ah, who cares. Let's get inspired NOW and make the most of this remaining day! Or we can just do it tomorrow.

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